PA QRO 144 MHz with 2xGS35B

Download the full PA description (in french only): amplificateur-vhf-a-triode-2xgs35-b.pdf

Download F5MSL’s Description (in french only) : 2xGS35B_F5MSL


This page describes the construction of a 144 Mhz amplifier using 2 GS-35B tubes build by Joel F6JMT. The original idea of building this amplifier comes from a publication made in Radio Ref a few years ago. The most difficult part has been the input circuit. We were finaly able to achieve a correct input using a MiniVNA :)

Lots of ideas were taken from the F1FRV’s web page. A schematic of the amplifier will follow in the following days. You will also find additional pictures at the end of this page.  A datasheet of the GS-35B is available on ND2X’s web page.

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